Barrel Care & Maintenance

Leaks and Discolouration 

Some barrels will develop discolouration which can happen as the oak absorbs some of the contents. This is normal and is part of the character and charm of a handmade wooden product.

Sometimes your barrel may develop a small leak, if it does, no problem, let us know and we will re-wax it and seal it up. For this reason, we recommend storing your barrel on a surface that will not stain if any Negroni manages to escape.

Ensure the tap is properly turned off as failing to do so may result in intermittent dripping. We recommend leaving a drip tray under the tap.

How to Store an Oak Barrel

Never let your barrel dry out between batches. Seriously. Never.


If you’re not ready to refill your barrel, half fill it with water and store in a cool place and keep the exterior clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth.