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Negroni - 5 litre Oak Barrel

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We are very selective with the barrels we use. They are all handmade by a family of Coopers in Eastern Europe who have been producing barrels since 1932.  Each barrel is made from oak, has a heavy char and its own unique character. 

Before the ageing process can begin, the barrel is prepared and seasoned. It then takes many weeks until the barrel is ready for our Negroni mix that contains a London Dry style gin, a blend of several of the oldest and most herbaceous sweet vermouths and of course Campari. Then we wait.

Once the barrel is empty, let us know and we can refill it with some pre-aged Negroni that is ready to go.

Some barrels will arrive with discolouration which can happen as the oak absorbs some of the Negroni. This is normal and part of the character and charm of a handmade wooden product. Sometimes your barrel may develop a small leak, if it does, no problem, let us know and we will re-wax it and seal it up. For this reason, we recommend storing you barrel on a surface that will not stain if any Negroni manages to escape.

Includes brass drip tray.

Note that:

  • The barrel will contain 4.5 litres of Negroni which is equal to 92 standard drinks
  • These are handmade products so the dimensions will differ slightly but they are approximately: Height 28cm, Width 23cm, Depth 29cm
  • At this stage, barrels can only be delivered within Auckland
  • The ageing timeframe can vary depending on the barrel. For this reason, while we endeavour to always have barrels ready to go, there may be a delay between ordering and delivery
  • 26% Alc/Vol at the time of barreling
  • Contains Sulphites


Negroni products currently only available in New Zealand.

Barrels are currently only available in Auckland.

Bariletto Serving Rules

Aged Negroni rules:

The glass – a crystal tumbler

Pre chill – add ice to your glass and stir. Then dump this ice

Add ice – the largest cube your glass will accept

Add Bariletto barrel aged Negroni – build it, never shake it

Do not flame an orange peel or rub an orange peel around the rim of the glass – the Negroni is the most balanced cocktail ever. Do not mess with this

Add a shaving of orange peel

Gift Certificate + Taster

Our handmade charred oak barrels are a labour of love and time. If you would like to gift one to a friend we will send you a beautifully presented gift certificate with a little taster of what's to come until your barrel comes of age.