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Barrel Refill - Aged Negroni - Per Half Litre

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Please note that this is the cost per half litre

When you have emptied your barrel, let us know. We will pick the barrel up, check it for leaks, re-wax it if required and service the tap.

Pre aged Negroni from one of our larger barrels goes straight into your barrel so it is ready to drink.

Tell us how many litres you want and we will be in touch.

Note that because our barrels are hand crafted there may some variation in the internal volume. For this reason the maximum we will put into a barrel will be:

  • 10 litre - 9 litres of Negroni
  • 5 litre - 4.5 litres of Negroni

Contains Sulphites

26% Alc/Vol at the time of barrelling


Negroni products currently only available in New Zealand.

Barrels are currently only available in Auckland.

Bariletto Serving Rules

Aged Negroni rules:

The glass – a crystal tumbler

Pre chill – add ice to your glass and stir. Then dump this ice

Add ice – the largest cube your glass will accept

Add Bariletto barrel aged Negroni – build it, never shake it

Do not flame an orange peel or rub an orange peel around the rim of the glass – the Negroni is the most balanced cocktail ever. Do not mess with this

Add a shaving of orange peel

Gift Certificate + Taster

Our handmade charred oak barrels are a labour of love and time. If you would like to gift one to a friend we will send you a beautifully presented gift certificate with a little taster of what's to come until your barrel comes of age.