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Riedel Crystal Mixing Glass

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Perfect for serving your Aged Negroni ice chilled.


Negroni products currently only available in New Zealand.

Barrels are currently only available in Auckland.

Bariletto Serving Rules

Aged Negroni rules:

The glass – a crystal tumbler

Pre chill – add ice to your glass and stir. Then dump this ice

Add ice – the largest cube your glass will accept

Add Bariletto barrel aged Negroni – build it, never shake it

Do not flame an orange peel or rub an orange peel around the rim of the glass – the Negroni is the most balanced cocktail ever. Do not mess with this

Add a shaving of orange peel

Gift Certificate + Taster

Our handmade charred oak barrels are a labour of love and time. If you would like to gift one to a friend we will send you a beautifully presented gift certificate with a little taster of what's to come until your barrel comes of age.